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Below are the Federal Register updates of the pertinent regulations for Hazardous Materials, Chemicals, Substances, and Waste covered by the Codes of Federal Regulations that affect your compliance responsibilities. And, of course, these regulations change almost daily. But Federal law does not provide an exception for compliance even though copies of the Federal Regulations for Hazardous Materials, Substances, Chemicals, and Waste may be six months out of date when they become available.



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Hazmat Rob's Blog features Rob Keegan's unique perspective on Hazardous Waste, Chemicals & Substance Regulations. Topics discussed not only come from changing regulations but, also from you, my readers and or seminar attendees which send me questions.

The Federal Register: What It Is And How To Use It
This publication is designed to assist users of the Federal Register, in determining how to effectively use the Federal Register, and outlines the most important aspects of this critical Federal document.


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Index & Glossary

to the Hazardous Materials, Chemicals, Substances & Waste Regulations 29 CFR, 40 CFR, & 49 CFR
The Index converts the regulations to alphabetical order, listing the four areas: the current DOT Regulations, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, the EPA Hazardous Waste Regulations, and the OSHA Worker-Right-To-Know/HAZWOPER Regulations. When the alphabetical listing for a given area is checked, it will cross-reference the user into the specific numerical Parts, Subparts, Sections, and Subsections that outline compliance responsibilities in 29.40, and 49 CFRs.


The Glossary is a compilation of terms, definitions, abbreviations, acronyms, and synonyms that are related to compliance; requirements of the Department of Transportation in 49 CFR, the Environmental Protection Agency in 40 CFR, and the Occupational Safely and Health Administration in 29 CFR. The glossary is specifically devoted to the critical terms and definitions you deal with in your regulatory compliance responsibilities.


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